• JACK Power Saving Servo Motor

"Servo Motors are the the Future of Sewing Machines "

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JACK Power Saving Servo Motor

Servo motors can save upto 60% of energy used as compared to traditional clutch motors. Jack is now the world's largest motor manufacturer with higher reliability than any other manufacturer. 

Jack's power saving direct drive motors come with synchronizers or without synchronisers as demanded by you. These motors are used for all brands of overlock, interlock and lockstitch machines. Unbeatable prices are offered as compared with all other manufactures. The following are some of the key advantages of using direct drive servo motors in your sewing line:

  • Energy saving of up to 60%.
  • Quick installation and easy operation
  • Suitable for under the table type sewing machine
  • Switching power supply system, safer and better for energy saving.
  • CPU control, software / hardware 2-way protection system, prolonging the product life.
  • One-shot positioning and multi-positioning modes, operation is handy and raise your work efficiency.
  • ECO-circuit design, conform to each safety standard and RoHS directive, less pollution, let us do our part to preserve the environment.
  • Faster speeds of sewing
  • Less noise during running and operation 
  • More reliability

*NOTE: IIGM recommends the use of Jack motors because they are the manufactures controlling the QC of the product and they come with a long life warranty just like our other products. 

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"Pls send quote for 550W, 750 W Servo Motors."

- Roshan Sinha, Operations Head
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