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Gerber Original Parts

Looking for replacement parts and consumables like knives, sharpening stones, bristle block, paper and plastic? Search for parts and consumables, determine their availability and place orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our online parts portal.

With about 250 installations a, IIGM guarantees a prompt and reliable replenishment for Gerber spare parts. We can give 100% guarantee for Genuine / Original spares and after sales services for sewing machines. We are maintaining a Big Inventory of Spare Parts for all types of Gerber Machines. Your Gerber system depends on quality parts in order to operate efficiently. By using Genuine Gerber Parts you ensure your system will operate at peak performance levels with minimum operating costs. All our consumables are designed and produced to exact specifications. At IIGM, we guarantee that you will get the highest possible return on investment using Genuine Gerber Parts.

Featured Spare Parts are as follows for cutting machines:

  • The Gerber Bristle Square lasts longer than other bristle products. It is designed to allow maximum vacuum distribution on your GERBERcutter, resulting in more accurate cutting and maximum material usage. Choose from two types of bristle: nylon or polypropylene.
  • Gerber Cutting Blades & Knives Gerber’s blades and knives are produced to meet the strictest quality standards, allowing for less downtime and enabling you to cut with maximum accuracy and efficiency.
  • Gerber Sharpening Stones With Gerber’s sharpening stones you receive quality sharpening and maximum production from your knives. The durable grit allows you to replace less often which helps lower your operating costs. Don’t settle for damaged knives due to poor quality stones.
  • Gerber Ink Our Plotter pens and inks are designed specifically for all inkjets and AccuPlot / Silhouette GERBERplotters. They are produced to the highest standards. We currently offer a variety of pens that will fit your needs.
  • Gerber Barrier Strips Gerber’s easy-to-install Barrier Strips are designed to maintain high vacuum levels by controlling the area of suction while cutting. These Barrier Strips guarantee higher performance levels with significantly less down time.
  • Gerber Belts Our belts are designed to be installed quickly and easily, without the need for messy glue. Faster installation means better productivity and less down time. We understand that your application is unique, which is why we offer two surface types and patterns to suit your production process.

Common issues with fake bristles are as follows: 

  • Excessive wear and holes in bristle surface causes poor cutting precision. 
  • Excessive number of vacuum holes in the bristle base, causing poor vacuum pressure. 
  • Vacuum holes vary widely in size, resulting in inconsistent suction.
  • Excessive flash on the bottom of the block indicating poor quality. 
  • Nylon bristles vary significantly, lacking stiffness and creep recovery.

Common issues with fake sharpening are as follows:

  • Optimal grit size required by Gerber not met. 
  •  Part identification numbers are not used. 
  •  Flange base diameter varies widely causing mounting stability issues. 
  •  Inconsistent and messy application of bonding material causes unpredictable performance of the part.  
  • Bore diameter is tight causing installation difficulties and improper balancing, resulting in hacking of the blades as well as bearing failure. 

Common issues with fake cutting knives / blades are as follows:

  • Poor blade quality causes negative effects on cutting head life.
  • Wide variation in the cut length dimension, leading to inconsistent blade sharpening.
  • Variations in the hole location needed for mounting causes issues with blade alignment.
  • Noticeable corrosion on blades, making the part unusable.
  • Integrity of blade material’s heat treating, tempering, and hardening processes compromised due to corrosion.
  • Blade tip location varies widely from blade to blade. This will effect start cut location, significantly impacting cut quality performance.

Common issues with fake swivel assemblies are as follows: 

  • Face located off center causing eccentric loads and misalignment.
  • Locator guide positions were not machined with proper location or depth dimensions.
  • Swivel flange opening machined too thick, contributing to excessive movement.
  • Link hole is significantly off location causing additional misalignments.
  • Hub diameter in the pivot is too big and thick, contributing to binding.
  • Stem face too short, adding to link misalignment and binding.
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