"Well-tensed consistent seam quality"

Purchase Protection Plan

PLH-981 / PLH-982 / PLN-985 / PLN-986

Post-bed, Bottom-feed and Needle-feed Lockstitch Machines

1-Needle type

PLH-981 (Post-bed, Bottom-feed Lockstitch Machine)

PLN-985 (Post-bed, Needle-feed Lockstitch Machine)

2-Needle type

PLH-982 (Post-bed, Bottom-feed Lockstitch Machines)

PLN-986 (Post-bed, Needle-feed Lockstitch Machines)


  • The machine demonstrates outstanding responsiveness when sewing heavy materials.
  • With JUKI’s unique slide thread take-up lever, feed mechanism, and vertical-axis hook, the machine provides well-tensed, neatly finished seams every time.
  • The machine head structure is designed to improve operability
  • The face plate is designed to provide a clear view of the needle entry area and enable smooth thread feeding.
  • The stitch length can easily be adjusted with the stitch dial.
  • Reverse-feed stitching is actuated by a simple press of the lever.
  • The machine incorporates a large pulley that can be turned smoothly by hand.

Technical Specifications

Model name PLH-981 PLH-982 PLN-985 PLN-986
1-needle 2-needle 1-needle 2-needle
Feed system Bottom-feed Needle-feed
Max. sewing speed     
2,500 rpm
Needle bar stroke   
36 mm
33.4 mm
Lift of the presser foot By hand: 7mm, By knee: 10mm    By hand: 6.5mm, By knee: 9mm
Thread take-up     
Slide type
Vertical-axis hook
By an oiler
Weight of the machine head   36 kg   
40 kg

Product Review

"PLH-981 price "

- Prosanto , Bag
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