"Made for extra heavy weight materials"

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WF 920 XLH Series

Extra Heavy Duty Lockstitch Machine

Series with Features

WF 920 XLH

  • Single needle, extra heavy duty lockstitch machine with large oscillating shuttle hook, drop feed and alternating presser foot.
  • Made for extra heavy weight materials.
  • Suitable for sewing products such as safety and logging belts, cargo slings, buffing wheels, construction barriers, parachutes and balloons.
  • Standard delivered with pneumatic presser foot lift.

WF 920-70 XLH

  • Same WF 920 XLH, but with large working space 70 cm.

Technical Specifications

Model Name WF 920 XLH Series
Machine speed Max 500 spm
Feed type Drop feed and alternating presser foot
Stitch length Max 15 mm
Presser foot lift Max 32 mm
Needle type 1000
Sewing thickness Max 20 mm
Thread Size Max 6
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