• AMS-210EN Series & AMS-221EN Series

"Sewing speed has been increased to 2800 sti/min "

Purchase Protection Plan

AMS-210EN Series & AMS-221EN Series

Computer Controlled Cycle Machine with Input Function

Sewing speed has been increased to 2800 sti/min which is the highest sewing speed in the industrial sewing machine manufacturing industry


  • Productivity :The sewing speed has been increased to which is the highest sewing speed in the industrial sewing machine manufacturing industry.Various functions contribute to increased productivity
  • Energy-Saving :A remarkable degree of energy conservation is achieved by the adoption of the encoder control system. The sewing machine has been designed with additional consideration for the environment
  • Quality :In order to produce beautiful seams, new functions have been added
  • Cycle time is shortened
  • The maximum sewing speed per stitching-pitch (stitch length) is increased
  • Power consumption is substantially decreased
  • Feeding frame
  • Semi-dry head
  • Programmable intermediate presser
  • Active tension
  • Operation panel provided with programmable functions IP-420 (provided as standard)

Technical Specifications

Specification common to all models
Max.sewing speed 2,800 sti/min
Stitch length 0.1~12.7mm
Needle bar stroke 41.2mm
Lift/Stroke of the intermediate presser Lifting amount :20mm/Stroke:Standard 4mm
Variable lower position of the intermediate presser  Standard 0~3.5mm
Needle thread tension Active tension
Hook Double-capacity shuttle hook
Bobbin thread/Product counter Up/Down system
Lubrication Semi-dry/hook section :minute-quantity lubrication
Lubricating Oil JUKI New Defrix Oil No.2 (equivalent to ISO VG32)
Sewing machine motor AC Servomotor 550W(Direct-drive system)
Power requirement/Power consumption Single phase,3-phase 200~240V/450V


One year from the date of invoice against any manufacturing defects


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