"This machine is modified to make it suitable for the shoe production industry"

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VB 1010

Pattern Sewer


  • Two needle lockstitch machine driven by Mitsubishi-VINCO, direct drive PLK-G, shuttle hook and thread trimmer.
  • This machine is modified to make it suitable for the shoe production industry.
  • The double colour device (i.e. DCT - Double Colour Technology), patented by VINCO, allows to stitch with 2 threads of different colours / thickness in one single sewing cycle.
  • Thanks to the 2 split needle bars, it is possible to skip automatically from one needle to the other following the sewing pattern.
  • With the user friendly touch screen panel, it is easy to make any pattern desired, it is also possible to purchase a software program to create the patterns on the PC or send a sketch to our design department and we will make the pattern for you and send it by e-mail.
  • You can download it on a flash memory stick and upload it on the machine.
  • It is possible to store 512 different patterns in the internal memory.
  • Special clamps for your patterns are available on request.

Technical Specifications

Model Name VB 1010
Machine speed Max 2500 spm
Feeding system By pulse motor (X-Y)
Stitch length Max 20 mm
Hook type Shuttle hook
Needle type DP x 17
Sewing range 258 x 158 mm
Power source

Single phase

240V - 50/60HZAC

Servo motor Mitsubishi 750

Walt (direct drive)

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