Gerber Technology, USA

For more than four decades, Gerber Technology has been a world leader in providing sophisticated automated manufacturing systems and solutions. The company serves 25,000 customers, including more than 100 Fortune 500 companies, in the aerospace, apparel, retail, composites, packaging, furniture, technical textiles, specialty graphics and transportation interiors industries in 130 countries.

Paragon Cutting System

 Automatic cutting will make you want to discover the many different ways that these machines can cut fabric. And befor...

Application: Aerospace & Composites

Gerber Cutter Z 1

The next generation computer-controlled, automated cutting system the GERBERcutter® Z1 is the perfect solution for singl...

Application: Aerospace & Composites

Gerber Taurus II Leather Cutter

The Taurus II static leather cutting system captures the hide shape and up to four flaw grades in seconds using a digital ca...

Application: Aerospace & Automotive Interiors

GERBERcutter low-ply DCS 2600 with Pivex

 With patented Pivex® technology, the GERBERcutter® DCS 2600 is the high-speed, low-ply cutting system that del...

Application: Aerospace & Composites

GERBERcutter DCS 2500

The GERBERcutter® DCS 2500 computer controlled cutting system is a high-speed, single- or low-ply static table cutter, d...

Application: Aerospace & Composites