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ETON Concept allows you to improve productivity, track, measure and fine-tune every step of the production flow to ensure supreme product quality.

  • The systems are designed to eliminate manual transportation and minimize handling, allowing the operators more time for adding value to your products. 

  • Eton provides a real-time information system and the necessary tools to improve the manufacturing processes through powerful software programs.

  • Eton globally provide material handling systems consisting of overhead conveyors with individually addressable work stations.

  • Eton provides interactive training courses for all levels of manufacturing companies to help you achieve excellence.

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The Eton 5000 system is the only Unit Production System (UPS) that offers you the accurate information at the right time to make the right decisions. A completely Computer guided system with RFID readers in combination gives you full control. This gives you:

• Improved productivity & Quality

• Traceability

• Real Time Decision making

• Improved balancing

• Production planning & Cost accounting

• Information transmission to external MIS for payroll and production control

• Individual operator realtime feedback and motivation

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