Down Discharge

"Installed almost anywhere, and in any application "

Purchase Protection Plan

Down discharge systems are usually roof mounted, and suitable for both ducted and plenum applications. They represent a very cost effective solution to a cooling problem. A 550mm x 550mm dropper duct serves as both mounting bracket and air distributor.

Why Choose Cool Breeze

Magna Sensor - So Simple - So Reliable

The end of periodic water level adjustment. Cool Breeze systems have our very own automatic water level adjustment system. Accurate to within 1mm, no more sticky ball floats, or rubber washers to wear. No more electronic probes to become corroded. Our MAGNASENSOR is guaranteed never to require adjustment. The simplicity and accuracy of the MAGNASENSOR uses magnetic field technology to measure and regulate water flow and levels in the base.

Durable Polymer Constuction

Manufactured by BASF Luran-S is a premium grade and exceptionally tough polymer, specifically designed to withstand the most trying environmental conditions. This has been proven by numerous tests in the extreme deserts of Australia and the United States. It's integral strength, resistance and durability to weathering, including UV degradation is unmatched by any other casing material.There is absolutely no corrosion that is common in metal casings.

Rated Performance

Cool Breeze systems have been tested and performance rated. The amount of cooling produced by an evaporative air conditioner is largely dependent on the following factors

  • Fan air flow
  • Volume of Celdek Filter Media
  • An Efficient Water Management System
  • Overall System Design

Compare our larger Celdek filter pads, superior fan performance and higher capacity motors. Cool Breeze systems have one of the highest ratios of air flow and Celdek filter media per square metre of floor area to be cooled, of any system on the market today.

Lower Maintenance

Water Manager

Cool Breeze System have a Water Management System Installed as Standard.

We believe that an Auto Drain and Clean Water System is a vital and necessary pan of every air conditioning system unlike some of our competitors who offer it as an optional extra.

  • Clean and Dry Tank - When your system is switched off, all water is drained from the tank. This means no mouldy smells or stale water
  • Uses less water - Unlike bleed-off  systems which continually drain water in order to maintain water purity, the Cool breeze  Water manager effectively minimizes water usage by only diluting and replacing the water in the rank when necessary
  • Cooler Air - Cleaner pads and cleaner water means higher saturation efficiency and therefore cooler air.
  • Drain Valve - he heart of the Cool Breeze Water Management System is our very own unique parented Drain Valve. Using the simplest counterweight  principle of tank of water and leverage to open and close the valve, we feel that our drain valve could almost last forever. There is virtually nothing to break or wear. Unlike some of the competitors use electric motors, solenoid valve and complex pressure system, the design simplicity and reliability of our system is a first in our industry. The best ideas are usually the simplest.

Single Controller Option

This option provides full control of a series of air conditioning units all from the one keypad controller

  • Operation of multiple air conditioning units using one keypad
  • Eliminate the need to run cable to individual control switches resulting in lower installation costs
  • Convenience of only one keypad per group of units
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