Cooling Solutions

With Coolbreeze Commercial Evaporative Air Coolers, you’re sorted, whether it’s a retail showroom or a massive factory complex of thousands of square meters. Coolbreeze air coolers can solve all your cooling challenges. Coolbreeze has an extensive range of commercial cooling units including down, side and top discharge units as well as a mobile unit. The range also features a unique twin fan model, capable of keeping the largest factories cool. All Coolbreeze air-conditioners use a direct-drive under-fan motor that reduces maintenance and provides massive air-flow while minimizing energy costs. All motors are single phase units so expensive power upgrades are not necessary.     For factory installation with multiple rooftop air conditioner units, Coolbreeze offers single controller capability for multiple units, where one switch panel controls multiple air-conditioners. Cool breeze high efficiency motors combined with its unique water management system results in a reducing environmental impact. For applications where it may not be practical to install a traditional air-conditioning system, such as rented factory units or ‘hot’ trades in a large factory, the Cool breeze mobile unit can be the answer. Cool employees are happy workers and more productive.


Down discharge systems are usually roof mounted, and suitable for both ducted and plenum applications. They represent a very cost effective solution t

Top discharge unit's suit applications where convenient access to a floor mounted air conditioning unit is important, or where the installation re

Side discharge systems may be either wall or floor mounted and arc suitable for discharging directly into a wall register. They may also be ducted int