Wilcom Embroidery Designing

Wilcom Embroidery Designing

Theory training includes:

  • Embroidery Designs
  • WILCOM Company
  • Wilcom Products
  • SDifferent types of soft ware’s and its advantages
  • Embroidery designs etc..

Practical training on:

  • WILCOM Embroidery
  • Tools using in WILCOM
  • Software data’s etc..
  • Lettering, Marking, Digitizing and Punching
  • Embroidery Design making and Certification


1st Week :-
Covers theory class about Embroidery Designs, WILCOM Company, Wilcom Products, Different types of soft ware’s and its advantages. Embroidery designs etc..

2nd Week :-
Application of WILCOM Embroidery, Tools using in WILCOM, Software data’s etc..

3rd Week :-
Lettering, Marking, Digitizing and Punching.

4th Week :-
Embroidery Design making.

A Convocation ceremony is held for every batch, to award all the students a course completion certificate.