TOT Training

Train the trainer for sewing machine operators

Theory training includes:

  • Role & Responsibilities of a Trainer
  • Government Schemes
  • Skill development process
  • Converting BPL to APL
  • Training Methodology
  • Garment industry

Practical training on:

  • Paper And Fabric
  • Shirt Making class including Marking
  • Cutting
  • Sewing and finishing


1st Week
We will impart theory class on Role & Responsibilities of a Trainer, Government Schemes, Skill development process, Converting BPL to APL , Training Methodology, Garment industry, Types of sewing machines, Steps of stitch formations, Department of garment industries, Fabric, Threads, Needles Motors, Feeds, Belts, Beds, Needle Gauge, Conversion kit parts, Measurements, Spare parts, Folders, Stackers, Work Aids and other  Attachments  etc...

2nd Week
Do's and Dont’s being Trainer and Operators,  Safety Precautions, Quality Concepts,  Productivity concepts, Usage of Stop watch, 5's system, Machine cleaning, Holding and Feeding of fabric, Working positions, Pedal Control.

3rd Week
Practical exercises of Paper And Fabric. Shirt Making class including Marking, Cutting, Sewing and finishing. Demo of usage of Attachments like folders and stackers. Video Sessions.

4th Week
Factory Visit, Soft skill class, Compliance, Mobilization and Placement's, Hygiene awareness, Team management, IE concepts used in Garment industry, PDCA concepts, Social responsibilities being a Trainer.

A Convocation ceremony is held for every batch, to award all the students a course completion certificate.