CAD Software Training

Gerber cad training

Gerber CAD Course

Theory training includes:

  • Gerber company
  • Products
  • Manual patterns
  • Advantages of using CAD, System knowledge, Tools of CAD system etc..

Practical training on:

  • Pattern Designing on Shirts
  • Trousures and Polo shirts
  • Digitizing and Marker Making
  • Plotting and Printing & Certification


1st Week :-
A brief introduction about Gerber company, Products, Manual patterns, Advantages of using CAD, CAD training, System knowledge, Tools of CAD system and other CAD courses.

2nd Week :-
Training on fabric design software, Pattern Designing on Shirts, Trousers and Polo shirts.

3rd Week :-
Grading, Marker Making and Fabric Consumption Methods.

4th Week :-
Plotter, Printing and How to do Export and Import of Designs on Gerber CAD.

A Convocation ceremony is held for every batch, to award all the students a course completion certificate.