Production Engineering & Support

Production Engineering & Support

Another objective of project division is Promotion and application of best practices and knowledge across the garment manufacturers for improvement of productivity on the shop floor.

Service Details :-

Benefits of our support are shown in the following ways

  • To facilitate attainment of product or service quality.
  • Enhancing the production efficiency by utilizing 100% of the resources available in terms of Man, Material, Machinery and Money.
  • Implement best Practices to avoid bottlenecks
  • Minimize material handling costs by using work aids, attachments, guides, correct pressure foots and folders
  • Eliminate unnecessary movements of workers or materials and limitations and deficiencies in existing operations
  • Minimize production Time and Customer service time.
  • Work reengineering system and Third party assessment.
  • Use best possible line layout to achieve increased productivity
  • Developing operator skill where required.