Electrical Layout Planning

Electrical Layout Planning & Sustainable Product Solutions

Planning from load calculations at the shop floor level and going backward for the design of busbar layouts, panel designs and placement of your electrical floor plan. The DG, transformer and PCC designs are also included in this service as a base calculation for your entire machinery load.

LED Lighting, natural day lighting, cooling solutions, ventilation systems and many other sustainable products are used to help make your industrial production cost effective.

Service Details :-

  • CAD drawings for electrical
  • Optimally designing the distribution system
  • Elimination of large conventional panels
  • Cost effective measures taken during design
  • Safety measures described and used in detail
  • Knowledge transfer of over 1000 past projects
  • World class product selection for optimal utilization
  • LED and natural day lighting are used threw unique algorithms to help reduce energy
  • Unique ventilation systems are used to reduce power consumption