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Amiwet, Wpwet, Stopcolor, Stopbubble, Morbitex, Plume Soft


Polyvinyl starch with anti-static action. 5 KG | 15 KG | 25 KG


Additive with high waterproofing properties for natural and artificial fibres. 5 KG | 15 KG | 25 KG


Concentrated product to fix, brighten and revive garments with particularly delicate colours. 15 KG


Antifoam agent to stop formation of foam during wash or treatment in water. 5 KG | 15 KG


Hyperconcentrated softener, sanitizing with smoothing properties on the fibres. Restores original elasticity and softness to garments and fabrics. 5 KG | 15 KG | 25 KG

Plume Soft

Plume soft is a plumping softener specially devised for duvets, quilts and padded garments. Contains a special substance that solves clumping problems and helps separate the down filling. It notably reduces drying time for particularly bulky or fluffy items. Plume Soft contains an active anti-bacterial component which sanitizes padding and down filling, often the cause of unpleasant odours.  15 KG

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