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Plume Wash, Freetex Wet Tank, Senza Risciacquo, Lanatex, Delitex, Cotontex, Emulsitex

Plume Wash

PLUME WASH is a professional concentrated detergent especially conceived for washing down-filled and padded garments (down jackets, duvets, quilts) Cleans deep down while protecting the natural softness of the feathers: thanks to its particular emollient substances garments feel soft and velvety to the touch.  Used together with Plume Soft it ensures you keep the same fragrance throughout and guarantees superior washing results  Contains a technologically advanced component that untangles feathers, improving their separation and greatly reducing drying time. PLUME WASH carefully sanitizes garments and their down filling, eliminating unpleasant odours

Freetex Wet Tank

Deo sanitizer eliminates odours and bacteria, preserves and protects fibres and gives a pleasant, lasting scent. In tank. 5 KG

Senza Risciacquo

Neutral detergent for mixed garments that does not require rinsing. 15 KG


Hyperconcentrated detergent with excellent cleaning power, softening and curative for delicate fabrics, particularly wool. 5 KG | 15 KG


Detergent with pH 5.5, ideal for garments in contact with the skin. 5 KG | 15 KG


Hyperconcentrated detergent for dyed fabrics with high degreasing power and regenerating of the cellulosic fibers. 5 KG | 15 KG | 25 KG


Washing booster ideal for eliminating any kind of oily dirt such as grease, skin grease, lubricating oil, sludge, etc. 5 KG | 15 KG | 25 KG


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