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Stopcolor, Sapo Igiensoft, Extrabianco, Pertex Starch, Oxilitex, Sapo Oxitex, Adutex


Concentrated product to fix, brighten and revive garments with particularly delicate colours. 15 KG

Sapo Igiensoft

Hygienic, hypoallergenic fabric softener 3 times concentrated. Formulated for garments in contact with sensitive skin and for treating children’s clothes. 1 LT | 5 KG | 15 LT | 25LT


Bleaching whitener specific for treatment with water, with good decolourizing power for garments to be dyed. 1,5 KG

Pertex Starch

Professional liquid starch to be diluted in water. Restores body and stiffness, making fabrics seem new. 5 KG | 15 KG


Washing booster with powerful stain removing and sanitizing action. 20 KG

Sapo Oxitex

Oxygen-based stain remover booster for use with normal detergent. Product with low environmental impact, readily biodegradable. 1 LT | 5 KG | 15 LT | 25 LT


Concentrated liquid fabric softener. 15 KG | 25 KG


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