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Zico NZ, Senza Risciacquo, Iperbucato Forza G, Biodet Plus, Emulsitex, Econ, Lavatute

Zico NZ

Anti-foam concentrated liquid detergent with high cleaning and detergent power. 15 KG

Senza Risciacquo

Easy or no-rinse detergent. 15 KG

Iperbucato Forza G

Powerful atomised soap powder formulated and manufactured for professional washing. 20 KG

Biodet Plus

Liquid enzyme detergent with powerful cleaning and degreasing power. 15 KG | 25 KG


Washing booster ideal for eliminating any kind of oily dirt from fabrics such as grease, skin grease, lubricating oil, sludge, etc..|5 KG|15 KG|25 KG|


Liquid detergent specially formulated for industrial water treatments. 15 KG | 25 KG


New-generation liquid detergent with high degreasing power for every kind of fabric, including delicate colours. 15 KG | 25 KG

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"Intrested in laundery detergents"

- Naga Padma, Partner
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