Tau Feeder

"From small items such as towels and pillowcases, to medium and large items "

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TAU is a machine designed to facilitate and speed up the operation manual of feeding of flat linen of various kinds; from small items such as towels and pillowcases,  to  medium  and  large  items  as  tablecloths, tablecloths guards and bed sheets

  • Variation  of  the  automatic  speed  according  to  the  ironing speed max 40mt/min
  • unique sliding blade assisted by air flows to the stretch and the enlargement of the item
  • soundproofing
  • transport to the feeding belt of the mangle
  • Exhaust air down after filtering of the same
  • Bar  for  lighting  and  automatic  rejection  torn  and  dirty items
  • Wheels  and  guides  for  moving  in  line  in  order  to  facilitate the maintenance operations

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