Sigma folding Machine for Synthetic Fabrics

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Machine  suitable  for  folding  flat  household  linen made  of  toweling  or  mixed  fabric  of  cotton  and polyester,  or  non-ironed  fabric  treated  only  with dryer.

Sigma is a compact folding machine designed to achieve inversion crosswise and lengthwise folds. Suitable for single bed sheets, containment draw  sheets,  bed  sheets  with  elastic,  mattress sheets with elastic, single blankets, pillow-cases,face  towels,  beach  towels  or  however  flat  household  linen  items  with  maximum  dimensions  of 1,800 mm width x 3,000 mm length and minimum dimensions of 500 mm width x 500 mm length.

SIGMA is  very  versatile  and  is  also  suitable  for packaging  lines  of  new  linen therefore  only  starched, since it allows to fold the items according to the specific needs of the customer, or maintaining exposed rim and labeling, or by calibrating the final format of the piece for packs of measure.



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