Omega Terry Towelling Folding Machine

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OMEGA is a machine designed to fold items made of towelling and similar items.  The dimensions of the item may vary from 500 to 1,800 mm in length and from 500 to 1,200 mm in width.

  • The technique chosen for folding does not use blades or capsizing paddles but belts with reverse movement  in  order  to  obtain  an  excellent  quality  of the  folding  and  of  the  final  package.  In addition, the used system was designed to avoid jamming situations which can block the production.
  • Omega is a very compact machine. Any of its parts can be reached easily for a simple and quick maintenance.
  • The electrical panel is part of the external structure and is immediately  reachable.  Although the  concept  is  mainly  mechanical,  it  is  however fitted  with  some  pneumatic  functions.  
  •  All the drives are with toothed belts.
  •  The simple and intuitive operating interface has a colour LCD touch screen. The automatic feature of the machine is made with the help of the PLC equipment

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