Omega Lean Terry Towelling Folding Machine

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OMEGA LEAN is designed to fold items made of towelling and similar items. The dimensions of the item may vary from 500 to 1,800 mm in length and from 500 to 1,200 mm in width

Omega Lean does an impeccable job thanks to the combination of mechanical and pneumatic solutions that enable it to obtain:

  • the two lengthwise folds, through the reverse movement of the conveyor belts on which the items are placed
  • the crosswise fold, thanks to a blade that helps to insert  the  item  into  a  loom  with  tongs  which  hold the item and allow to reverse and to stack it
  • The machine  is  equipped  with  toothed  belt  drives and  the  automatic  feature works with  a  PLC  equipment.
  • The  program  management  is  via  terminal  LCD touch screen that allows to choose among the different working modes, guarantees a better display of  the  production  data


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