Lambda 4 in-Iine Stacker

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LAMBDA 4 is a machine that performs the stacking of folded items having a final size of 750mm width x 500 max length for a ironing line of 3300mm to 4 lanes.

This  stacker  can  be  combined  with  folding  machines that can treat an item with 1-2 or 3 lengthwise folds that fall within the size mentioned

  • Each lane  is  characterized  by  a  fiberglass  paddle deputed to the catching, to the tilting, the crushing of the items that form the piles above the respective accumulation belt complete with descender.
  • The  management  of  the  machine  takes  place  via a  central  PLC  unit,  equipped  with  serial  connection available for connection with the various lanes Lambda requests


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