Epsilon Autocentring Machine

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EPSILON stacking machine is designed for the counter-folding  of  the  flat  household  linen,  such  as  table-cloth guards  and  table  clothes,  with  maximum  folded  size  of 420  mm  in  length  and  a  maximum  width  similar  to  the operating lanes


  • Placed on an ironing line, behind a lengthwise folding machine with three lanes and at  least  two  folds,  it  allows  the  piling  up  of  the  items of  each  lane  on  their  corresponding  belts,  subsequently  conveying  these  piles  on  the  centralized  pile belts
  • The packages can be caught on the right or on the left, according to the specifications made when ordering the machine
  • The machine employs a function of electro-mechanical type, managed by a PLC electronic system.
  • The  centering  of  the  item  is  performed  by  mechanical paddles  controlled  by  photocells,  which,  during  the  descent  of  the  blade  for  counter fold,  allow  to  perform  the fold  exactly  in  the  center  of  it


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