Delta Table-Cloth Guard Folding Machine

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DELTA is designed for folding flat household linen (table-cloth guards) or items with maximum size of 1,200x1, 200 mm.  The  items  whose  width is  smaller  than  400x400 mm  can  be  folded  at  1/2  of  its dimensions.

The folding of the items is achieved by using perforated Fiberglass paddles, controlled by pneumatic cylinders connected to the paddles through levers and flexible arms

The type of folding consists in nr. 2 lengthwise folds, the first at 1/2 and the second calibrated at 32 cm (the  reference  of  the  fold  is  given  by  the  suction folding  plan  that  follows  the  format  of  the  folded item) and the crosswise fold always at 1/2.

If you want to use the machine for napkins, towels or  other  articles  of  maximum  width  60  cm  these will be always bent half longitudinal and half transverse.  For items of maximum width 90 cm, lengthwise folds will be at 1/3 and 1/3.

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