Beta Napkin Folding Machine

Purchase Protection Plan

BETA  PF (Fixed  Plan)  is  designed  for  folding  flat household  linen  such  as  napkins,  pillow-cases,  towels and serviettes.

  • The folding of the items is achieved by using perforated Fiberglass paddles,
  • It is controlled by pneumatic cylinders connected to the paddles through levers and flexible arms.
  • The fold reference is given by the aspiring folding plan which traces the shape of the folded item
  • The machine can be installed at the outlet of the mangle, behind other folding  machines, behind  conveying belts or it can be used manually by resting the ironed items on its introduction belt at adjustable height
  • The control instrumentation is composed of an electronic  system  with  programming  keyboard  Touch
  • Screen LCD and control system PLC


Product Review

"Dear sir I'm looking for Napkine clothe folding machine for hotel Send me some details with video thanks"

- zeeshan qayyum, Manager
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