RC 40 - 85

"IMESA washing machines are equipped of an emergency stop button "

Purchase Protection Plan

IMESA offers a wide range of normal spin washers from 8 to 85 Kg equipped with Color Touch Screen IM8 that being a real PC, it makes the communication to the programming side easy. IM8 is a very flexible software: FULL and LITE versions that divide the programs from the ones changeable, avoiding the technician to change parameters and user find them ready to use.


  • Side, top & frontal panels in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Drum & outer drum in stainless steel AISI 304
  • IM8 computer: 200 programs (already set in factory)
  • Big touch screen displaying all the necessary information about the running 
  • EASYPROG: to enable the user to compose its own programmes in a very & intuitive way.
  • USB connection on the machine frontal panel to totally or partially up & download programmes (from the PCto the machines & from machine to machines)
  • GSM: remote assistance service
  • Ground fixing by means of a frame supplied with the machines.

Technical Specifications 

1 Indirect steam heating                
2 Electric/steam mixed heating (RC 40)                                           

Electric/steam mixed heating ( RC 55 – RC 70 – RC 85)

4 10 atm inlet steam  valve
5 Computer IM8 (complete of GSM module)
6 GSM assistance  service  (opt for IM9)
7 Aerial extension 8 mt
8 Aerial extension 4 mt
9 High sensibility aerial
10 liquid detergent pump (only with computer IM9)
11 Electronic board to connect upto 12 pumps
12 Hard water inlet
13 Water recovery
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