LM 30 - LM 40 - LM 55 - LM 70 - LM 85

"All LM model washers are equipped with Color touch Screen IM8 "

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High spin washers model LM30 – 85 are very strong and reliable machines characterized by their easy to use system, high ergonomics and results. Every machine has all panels in stainless steel AISI 304 and motorized door lock of series production. Machines are free standing and do not need any ground fixing work. All LM model washers are equipped with Color touch Screen IM8 and 2 program levels selectable by the installer; USB door make an easier data transfer. The exclusive GSM CONTROL for REMOTE ASSISTANCE enables an immediate repairing of the washer at low costs; custom programs can be load/download remotely and even to update the software! In this way, the client is certain to use the best technology, always!


  • Side, top & frontal panels in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Drum & outer drum in stainless steel AISI 304
  • IM8 computer: 200 programs (8already set in factory)
  • Big touch screen displaying all the necessary information about the running l
  • EASYPROG: to enable the user to compose its own programmes in a very & intuitive way.
  • USB connection on the machine frontal panel to totally or partially up & download programmes (from the PCto the machines & from machine to machines)
  • GSM: remote assistance service:
  • Ground fixing by means of a frame supplied with the machines.

Technical Specifications

1 Indirect steam heating
2 Electric/steam mixed heating (RC 40)
3 Electric/steam mixed heating ( RC 55 – RC 70 – RC 85)
4 10 atm inlet steam  valve
5 Computer IM8 (complete of GSM module)
6 GSM assistance  service  (opt for IM9)
7 Aerial extension 8 mt
8 Aerial extension 4 mt
9 High sensibility aerial
10 liquid detergent pump (only with computer IM9)
11 Electronic board to connect upto 12 pumps
12 Hard water inlet
13 Water recovery





Product Review

"Hi Sir/Mam Good Day Im Reynan Baman technician in Holiday Inn Hotel here in Riyadh.. Just want to ask if you have downloadable manual of Imesa LM 55, LM30, LM 11 and ES 34 thank you Reynan"

- Reynan Baman, Kitchen and Laundry Technicain
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