LM 14 - LM 18 - LM 23

"IMESA washers save energy using warm water of the water supply cutting heating time "

Purchase Protection Plan

P-LINE washer can be easily adapted to every type of installation thanks to strength upper and frontal S.S. AISI 304 panels give and to simply use granted by Color Touch Screen IM8. Moreover, in P-LINE model washers LM 65 P and LM 80 P assure complete stability thanks to the innovative shock absorber system that is their hallmark. Washers are equipped with a double water connection for hot and cold water: with that system, the IMESA washers save energy using warm water of the water supply cutting heating time and program length.



  • Side, top & frontal panels in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Drum & outer drum in stainless steel AISI 304
  • IM8 computer: 200 programs (8already set in factory)
  • Big touch screen displaying all the necessary information about the running 
  • EASYPROG: to enable the user to compose its own
  • Programmes in a very & intuitive way.
  • 30 Percent tilted panel to avoid unpleasant reflexes on the screen.
  • USB connection on the machine frontal panel to totally or partially up & download programmes (from the PCto the machines & from machine to machines)
  • GSM: remote assistance service:
  • PBS: new power balance systems
  • Free standing: no need to be fixed to the ground.


Technical Features

 1 Indirect steam heating
 2 Electric /steam mixed heating
 3 10 atm inlet steam  valve
 4 Arial extension 4 mt
 5 Arial extension 8 mt
 6 High sensibility aerial
 7 Liquid detergent pump
 8 Electronic board to connect upto 12 pumps
 9 Drain pump
 10 Hard water inlet valve
 11 Water recovery
 12 Water loading (mt 1.25)


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