TDM 1418 L

"Up to 18 Kg hourly productivity in less then 1 m2 "

Purchase Protection Plan

Most of your customer linen cab be wet cleaned without any risk, why should your customer renounce to fresh linen? If the problem is the missing place, TANDEM is the solution! TANDEM laundry is designed to allows the professionals of laundry to offer a complete service!


  • Tumble dryer equipped on a washing machines
  • Washing machine & timble dryer frontal panel in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • No jutting parts.
  • Control, heating & Mechanical systems completely independent.
  • Washing ,machines equipped with IM8 computer : 200 washing programs.
  • 6 liquid detergent pumps.
  • Tumble dryer equipped with IM7 microprocessor: 30 drying programs.
  • DSC: Drum speed Control.
  • FSC: Fan speed control.
  • Power level control(only electric heated tumble dryer)

Technical Features

1 4 mt aerial extension
2 8 mt aerial extension
3 High sensibility aerial
4 liquid detergent pump (up to 12 on the wall)


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