"IMESA FI series is the best solution for hotel and restaurant laundry "

Purchase Protection Plan

IMESA FI flatwork ironer is the ideal solution for restaurants, small hotel and farm holiday linen designed to obtain the customer full satisfaction.


  • IM7 microprocessor possibility to save upto 30 program 
  • Operation in execution displayed.
  • cool down.
  • Temperature/speed automatic compensation.
  • Chest Pressure uniform for all the roller length (IMESA PATENT).
  • Chest Pressure does stay always the same, even it the roller flattens (IMESA PATENT)
  • Emergency stop.
  • Hand safe bar.
  • No Panic bar to release instantaneously the chest when pressed (IMESA PATENT)
  • Adjustable introducing table.

Technical Specifications

F1 1000/25 15/25kg/hr 250mm roller /roll length 1000mm
F1 1250/25 20/30 kg/hr 250mmroller / roll length 1250mm
F1 1500/25 25/35 kg/hr 250mm roller / roll length 1500mm
F1 1500/33 30/40kg/hr 250mm roller / roll length 1500mm
F1 1750/33 40/50kg/hr 250mm roller / roll length 1750mm
F1 2000/33 50/60kg/h 250mm roller / roll length 2000mm
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