"High Grade sewing machine oil extends the life of your machine"

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IIGM Industrial Sewing Machine Oil

IIGM's core philosophy is Asset Care. We promote the use of maintenance techniques and good quality spares to give your machine the attention it deserves. Oil is the first consumable in your factory and you must regularly check if the oil being used is of a certain grade that is recommended for your sewing machine.

The advantages of using a high grade or recommended oil from a reliable supplier such as IIGM is: 

  • Superior quality as compared with local suppliers.
  • Quality Testing and Control has been done by Juki Japan for your satisfaction.
  • Certification of oil is available on request by any customer.
  • Allows you to avoid leakage problems.
  • Increases the life of your parts and your machine as a whole.
  • Life span of the oil is more as compared to lower grade oils.
  • When you use a high grade oil, the quantity used decreases.
  • Maintenance time is reduced and down times of machines are avoided.

*NOTE: you can now purchase your industrial oil online online or call one of our spare part centers for pricing and delivery. 

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