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LP 8970 Series

High Speed, Direct Drive, Post Bed Machines

  • LP 8971 E-AUT

High speed, single needle postbed machine, driven by Ho Hsing built-in mini servo motor, with top driven roller, wheel- and needle feed and standard hook.

  • LP 8974 E-AUT

Double needle postbed machine, driven by Ho Hsing built-in mini servo motor, with wheel feed and top driven roller presser (no needle feed) and


  • Machine equipped with thread trimming device
  • Automatic back tack and presser foot lift (all electric)
  • Equipped with standard hooks
  • Standard needle gauge 2,0 mm.

Technical Specifications

Model LP 8970 Series
Machine Speed Max 2500 spm
Oiling System Fully automatic
Feed Type

Needle and wheel feed top driven roller presser

No needle feed on the LP 8974 and LP 8994

Stitch Length Max 7 mm
Presser Foot Lift

By hand: 7mm

By knee: 14 mm

Automatic: 14 mm

Needle Type 134 LR
Double Needle Type Optional gauges: 1,8 mm, 2,2 mm, 2,4 mm

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- Karan, Purchase manager
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