"Produces maximum 1000 pairs a day"

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SM 7555 Series

Shoe Production Machines

Series with Features

  • SM 7555

Single needle lockstitch machine for sewing box soles onto shoes and ankle boots.

This machine is equipped with floating horn support to make sewing easy around the toe and heel.

Max. daily production 1000 pairs.

Complete with table top, special stand and Ho Hsing servo motor.

  • SM 7555 LA

Same as above, but with extra long arm, suitable for boots etc.

  • SM 7555 NA

Same as above, but with “small” horn for fine work like children‘s shoes.

Technical Specifications

Model SM 7555 Series
Machine Speed Max 900 spm
Stitch Length 3 - 13 mm
Presser foot lift Standard (electric)
Sewing thickness

7555 : 1,5 - 6 mm

7555 LA : 2,0 - 8 mm

7555 NA : 1,5 - 6 mm

Arm Length

7555 : 230 mm

7555 LA : 360 mm

7555 NA : 230 mm

Hook size

7555 : 50 mm

7555 LA : 50 mm

7555 NA : 230 mm

Needle type CPx5

Product Review


- Nandlal jundre, Alephata

Product Review

"Global matchen 7555 my from in Pakistan Peshawar my WhatsApp number 03046501387 next number 03105013630. I'm essa gul ?? ??"

- essa gul, 7555

Product Review

"Global matchen 7555 my from in Pakistan Peshawar "

- essa gul, 7555

Product Review

" i sew shoes sandals i need this machine to sleep"

- Mantosh dey, I want to get a shoe

Product Review

"I intereste how much cost of this"

- Bhavesh, India

Product Review

"I wanna buy this machine in order to increase my shoe production. Please show the price for this machine i want it."

- Nickson shayo, Tanzania

Product Review

"Pls i am intrested for the price can you send me an email"

- Kostanca, Sinani

Product Review


- Lekhraj, Proprietor

Product Review

"Bonjour, Je recherche une machine zig-zag ass bord à bord textile alumine , fin et fragile. Pouvez-vous me dire si la global SM 7555OS peut intégrer des aiguilles d'un calibre fin pour des fils inf à 100tex et grandes distances de formes coniques?. Merci"

- Coing, Brigitte

Product Review

"provide us price of this machine "

- dillip sahoo, director

Product Review

"Solicitud de cotización"

- Luis Arturo, Calderón

Product Review

"We are going to planned shoe manufacturers unit "

- Rajesh Patel , Owner

Product Review

"We r going tonplanned à new business in our district."

- Rajesh Patel , Owner

Product Review

"Hi, We need side wall stiching machine for leather sneaker. And Postbed also. Please send price."

- Vibhooti, Woner

Product Review

"We need global Sm 7555os"

- Vikram, Manager

Product Review

"Give me prise detail that maschin"

- Razi, Dsn

Product Review


- Mariano Ticona Marín, Global SM 7555

Product Review

"Hwo price global sm 7555 "

- Shadab, 1

Product Review

"siparis etmek istiyorum"

- Seyid Akça, seyidakca

Product Review

"I need this machine "

- Shashi, Planning Manager
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