"Enables the rib to be applied in either round and thin-toed shoes or cowboy boots"

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SM 7840 RL

Rib Laying Machine for Good year welt


  • This machine attaches the rib to the sole by the use of heat and pressure.
  • The rib circulates in a hot drum which preheats it while at the same time, by the use of a current of hot air, activates the rib and the glued area to achieve greater adhesion of the rib.
  • An automatic cutting device cuts the rib in an exact, predetermined place, facilitating the following operations in the production process.
  • Furthermore, thanks to its adjustable guide we can vary the distance of the rib from the edge of the sole, which is without doubt the best cement for conducting the following processes in the Goodyear production.
  • The design of this machine enables the rib to be applied in either round and thin-toed shoes or cowboy boots.
  • The variostop electronic motor ensures that the machine will always stop with the hammer in the up position so as to remove the shoe and insert the next sole.

Technical Specifications

Model SM 7840 RL
Machine Speed Stepless speed regulation
Power Use Pre-heater 400 watt - 220 volts
Power use heater 500 watt - 220 volts
Daily Production Approx. 100 pair / hour
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