"AccuMark 10.3 gives you the ultimate competitive advantage "

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Accumark 10.3

AccuMark® 10.3 takes intelligent pattern design to the tenth power, raising the bar for design, grading, marker making, and production planning. This groundbreaking software solution helps you unleash your creative vision, streamline your production process, and improve your competitive position.

Work Better

Increase your throughput by up to 50%.  Create efficient spread and cut plans that fit with your unique production

Work Faster 

Cut your development time by two weeks.  Save steps and reduce errors using smart patternmaking tools in AccuMark.

Undefined work Smarter

Reduce your physical samples by up to 50%.  By visualizing your samples in AccuMark 3D, you can make design decisions quickly without the time and resources it takes to make sample garment.  Instantly make pattern changes and adjust image locations effortlessly on the virtual sample.

The numbers don’t lie, and with numbers like that AccuMark software gives you the ultimate competitive advantage.

Improve collaboration

AccuMark 10.3 lets you share patterns, specifications, and instructions with colleagues and partners in any language. Measurement charts can be exported to non-AccuMark users as TXT, CSV, or XLS files.

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