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  • Virtek Iris Spatial Positioning System

"Breakthrough laser technology -Project laser templates 360 degrees "

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Virtek Iris Spatial Positioning System

 The Virtek Iris™ Spatial Positioning System (SPS) offers advanced software created to guide you through the assembly process, the Iris system uses the geometric features of parts, to accurately locate a work piece in 3D space designed for the aerospace industry.


  Locates work piece in 3D space   Locks onto CAD datum references   Works without targets   Accurately projects 3D position of work piece   Increased throughput and flawless quality control   Reduces operator error   Easily portable   Accelerates digitizing, paint masking and final assembly tasks

Iris error proofs the assembly process by eliminating all manual measuring, marking and fitting steps. Part position is taken directly from CAD data and laser projected onto the workpiece for exact as-designed placement.  

       Iris has been shown to accelerate assembly by as much as 60 percent, depending on the size and complexity of the part.   Iris quickly locates the exact placement area for assembly – even on the most complex weldments. It eliminates errors caused by using incorrect reference points on the part. And, any movement of the Iris system or the work piece will automatically re-position the projection.   Iris’ user interface requires no prior experience. Visual cues guide operators through each action and projected text indicators identify part numbers for accuracy.   Iris examines parts for positional accuracy and provides instant feedback to eliminate work-in-process errors.   The Iris system eliminates differences between "as built" and "as designed" because assemblers are always working with the most current CAD file. With Iris, if changes are made to the product design, the system simply references an updated CAD file to accurately guide assemblers. Engineering changes are passed to the shop floor in minutes so assembly can continue without delays and without additional expense.   The Iris Spatial Positioning System determines the  work piece’s position in 3D space and projects a laser outline indicating exact placement locations for parts – even on the most complex pieces.         And, any movement of the Iris system or the work piece will automatically re-position the projection   Iris eliminates the use of templates, thereby reducing strain and injury.   Because Iris is so compact and portable, it’s easily moved between assembly areas and requires no storage.
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