Sheet metal, Gasket & Heavy Equipment Fabrication

Virtek Vision, USA

Virtek Vision International, Inc., an Ontario, Canada-based business was acquired by Gerber in 2008, serves Aerospace carbon fiber composite part assembly, Sheet metal part fabrication and Construction markets with laser templating, Quality inspection and Spatial positioning systems. The use of  Laser projection and Inspection systems eliminates the need for physical templates, ensures consistent quality and eliminates bottlenecks often caused by manual quality inspection of first-run articles. Virtek products are used across all Engineering manufacturing companies

Laser QC AFM

Rapidly inspect three-dimensional parts   Ensure accuracy and control quality.  ...

Application: Sheet Metal & Fabrication

Virtek LaserQC

Virtek LaserQC is a rapid inspection system that employs lasers to measure the accuracy of two-dimensional parts to toleranc...

Application: Aerospace. Sheet Metal & Gasket Industries