"Applicable for all types of fabrics "

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ES-1800 Spreader

Advanced spreading machine with tension free system ES-1800


  • Applicable for all types of fabrics
  • Super load capacity, up to 180kg
  • The diameter of fabric up to 72cm
  • Drive cloth bar, more easier to have fabric go through
  • Super lower position for material loading labor saved
  • Dual extension system, better control of fabric tension
  • The enhanced structure makes the machine more reliable
  • Advanced end cutter design ensures fabric end cutting quality and uniformity
  • Timing belt and encoder system makes more accurate in spreading length

Technical Specifications

Spreading  Methods       
One-Way Spreading (FACE  UP) MODEL Max Spreading Width Table  Width Weight Dimension Power
   ES-1800/6'  1600mm/64in  1830mm/72in  450kg  2385*1715*650mm  1.6kw/220v
 ZigZag  Spreading  ES-1800/7'  1600mm/76in  2130mm/84in  500kg  2385*1715*650mm  1.6kw/220v
   ES-1800/8'  1600mm/88in  2441mm/96in  550kg  2385*1715*650mm  1.6kw/220v
  • Max.Spreading  Speed  23cm     Auto  Cutting  Control/ Dual  Material  Feeding
  • Max.Spreading  Height  +3mm   Dual Material Feeding
  • Max.Pass Thru Height  +2mm     Sheet Fabric board(option)
  • Diameter of Cloty Roll  Up t0 72cm
  • Weight of Cloth Roll  Up t0 180Kg


  • Layered  Preset  Control
  • Type  of  Spreading  Control
  • Auto  Edge  Alignment
  • Auto  Up&Down  Control
  • Two  Catchers  For  DUAL  Way  Spreading

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