"Making marks for identification while cutting fabric "

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Hot Cloth Drill - CD3H

The Hot Cloth drill leaves identifiable marks on loosely woven or knit fabrics, where an ordinary drill mark would not be detected. The cloth drill fuses tightly woven synthetic materials, throughout the lay, thereby eliminating distortion in the marker.


Telescoping drive shaft with a powerful AC motor for dependability and long service life Drill available in three sizes, with numerous hole diameters and drill types.

Technical Specifications

  Hot Cloth Drill Technical Specifications  
 Motors  110v, 1ph, 50/60Hz 220v, 1ph or 3ph, 50/60Hz  
 Horsepower  0.20hp, 1ph 0.34hp, 3ph  
 Weight  15lbs. 12 oz. (6.84kg) / 18 lbs (8.16kg)  
 Standard Features  Hot Cloth Drill: Temperature Control  
 Drill Tips Available  Standard: Taper Point Optional: Diamond Point, Open End Awl, Closed Awl, PTFE Coated  
 Drill Diameters  English Metric
  3/64 in 1.19mm
  5/64 in 1.98mm
  3/32 in  2.38mm
  1/8 in  3.18mm
  5/32 in  3.97mm
  3/16 in  4.76mm
  1/4 in  6.35mm
  5/16 in  7.93mm
  3/8 in  9.52mm
 Drilling Capacity  English  Metric
   6 in  15.2cm
   8 in  20.3cm
   11.5 in  29.2cm
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