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Global COV Series

Heavy Duty Carpet Overedging Machines

Series with Features

  • COV 2502

Single needle, 2 thread heavy duty carpet over-edging machine.

  • COV 2502 L

Same as COV 2502, but as left-hand machine.

  • COV 2502 SK

Same as COV 2502, but equipped with side knife.

  • COV 2502 L-SK

Same as COV 2502 SK, but as left-hand machine

  • COV 2501 SK

Single needle, single thread end to end sewing machine. Designed for joining two pieces of carpet before special treatment (i.e. bleaching).

This machine is equipped with side knife.

  • COV 2503 FN

Single needle, 3 thread net overedging machine with puller. Suitable for  overedging all kinds of nets, for example ball net, fishing net, etc.

Technical Specifications

Model COV Series
Machine Speed Max 2500 spm
Stitch Length

1 - 10 mm

COV 2503 FN - 3~18 mm

Over-edge Width

12 - 15 mm

COV 2503 FN - 16 mm

Needle Type

SG x 7713

COV 2503 FN - SG x 7713A

  • Mechanical puller with pneumatic puller lift
  • pneumatic presser foot lift
  • external stitch dial
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