"E3 Textile is basically integrated with powerful Corel Draw X6 "

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E3 Professional Multi-Decoration

E3 Professional Multi decoration is the top most range system of Wilcom E3 products. It includes all Basic, Vector & Advance Digitizing & Textile Designing Elements & Special Elements like Virtual Embroidery & Bling.

Includes Elements

  • Motifs
  • Auto Digitize Bit maps
  • Vector Drawing
  • Auto Arrangements
  • Shading & Open Fills
  • Curved Fills
  • Offset Advanced
  • Auto Shaping
  • Sequin
  • Custom Splits
  • Freehand
  • Schiffli   
  • Photo Flash
  • Team Names Advanced
  • Bling
  • Chenille
  • Virtual Decoration
  • Alphabet Creator



E3 Basic Digitizing + All products
1.Auto Fabric Assistant: These are Pre-set parameters based on fabrics which can easily be applied on any chosen fabric. Apart from Pre—defined fabric setting, you can create own fabric setting as per specific requirement.  (all)
2. Reshape Object: Now with the Improved Reshape tool, it is easier to modify shapes with Bezier control handles. Also can add, delete nodes on the object outline & change curve or corner points.(all)
3. Improved Visual: Symbols help the digitizer to be more efficient
4. New Sequence Toolbar & Popup menu: It makes colour sequence editing of complex designs easier. Can also group, Hide or lock for editing designs
5. Smart Corners: With Mitre & Cap corner types, now Smart Corner has a New “Lap Corner” type suitable for Tidori style stitching. It can be used with Input C & Appliqué objects
6. Adding custom lettering to existing designs is simple and with over 150 professionally crafted embroidery alphabets, TrueType conversion, monograms and type layouts, you will never run out of creative possibilities
7. Improved Display Options: It has been significantly rearranged with the addition of the New Product, Colour, and Show Background image
8. Approval Sheet: It shows the embroidery on the fabric. Email production worksheet in PDF format with the embroidery file as an attachment in a specified format, EMB or DST file.
9. Simple Offset: Automatically outline entire design in one step. Selectable stitch types for offsets
10. Automatic Stitch Angles to Fusion Fill: ES now calculates multiple stitch angles automatically according to the digitized shapes


11. Split Window: It allows multiple views of designs. Zoom, pan, & adjust viewing options in each window pane as required
12. Manual & Automatic Knife tool: Allows you to cut embroidery into multiple objects with or without overlaps
13. Embroidery Clipart::

Embroidery Clipart:

Add Keywords

Search for Designs

Sort Designs


14. Break Apart: It allows you to split branched objects like monograms, Appliqués, lettering.
15. The new Monogramming feature offers a simple way to create personalized monograms with minimal manual digitizing, using a selection of pre-defined monogramming styles, border shapes and ornaments, together with a set of tools to help you place these elements.
16. Closest Join: When you are digitizing closed objects, the new Closest Join method automatically calculates the closest join between them, saving you having to think about entry and exit points. When activated (the default), all newly digitized objects are joined by this method. When deactivated, all newly digitized objects are joined by the As Digitized method. This means that you manually specify entry and exit points while digitizing. Objects are thus joined from the exit point of the last digitized object to the entry point of the new object
17. Extra Large Thumbnails:
18. Step Repeat: Right Button Drag on selected object, Ctrl-D Duplicate uses same offset.
19. Input C with Stitch angles: Slanted Stitches, Turning or Parallel (e.g. always vertical) and Orientation.
20. Slanted Zigzag Underlay: Zigzag and double zigzag, Editable stitch angles

E3 Professional Multi decoration

  • Photoflash
  • Team names Advance
  • Bling
  • Chenille
  • Virtual Decoration
  • Alphabet Creator
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