" Ultrasonic cutting of composites"

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Ultrasonic cutting head RC 590

 Ultrasonic cutting to generate a precise cut with clean edges. Cutting is done without any pressure on the material. Process times are extremely short and energy consumption is low. The ultrasonic cutting head cuts virtually all composites (carbon fibres, glass fibres, aramid). A quick and efficient solution for parts such as profiles, stringer, or even complex 3D-parts.


In order to avoid a damage of the ultrasonic components as well as the blade during contact with a metallic underground, a thin (~5mm) span from special Plastic (PU) must be placed between the lower side of the cut material and the tool.   Tool changer: The tool changer allows fast and easy interchanging of different end effectors as well as electrical and pneumatical  interfaces for specific signals at one robot stitching system. One tool changer is required at the robot and one at each end effector.


  Designed for production of Sub-preforms and preforms. Typical fields of application are aerospace, automotive, wind energy, bridge building or industrial lightweight construction.
Components   Generator Compact Converter HF cables Titanium 20 kHz boosters Control cables Sonotrode (concentricity: 0.05 mm) Separate switchgear to the controlling the ultrasonic head. Cables for ultrasonic cutting head Pneumatic lines for ultrasonic cutting head
Specfications Cutting velocity: max. 20 m/min dependent on material thickness, material properties and cutting path Power supply: 3 x 400 V AC /50 Hz / 3Ph+N+PE Compressed air supply: 6 bar / dry air Length: 20kHz ~ 500 mm; 30 kHz ~300 mm     Cutting - Ability  Material: carbon, glass and other fibres Material structure: clutch, weave, knitted fabrics Material thickness: approx. 15 mm Very good cutting on straight and curved paths

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"Hi, could you send me the price of cutting head RC 590 and technical Data of it please?"

- Junyan Zhao, no
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