Innovation of Process and Design in a Garment Factory

Process innovation will never occur with such large separation between management and their production facilities, unless management really knows every detail of product line, possible problems, and has an engineer or consultant on hand. In our industry, much of the production has been moved outside of city limits, creating a gap between the design and engineering of a product, to the execution of the finished piece. The sole purpose of this movement is to reduce labor wages and constantly improve productivity. This gap often displaces expectations of what can be done, and hides possibilities of what could be accomplished. Innovative thinkers are often  held back from reaching a higher quality apparel, and do not even realize it. Of course, moving all parts of the business back to developed nations is not a monetarily viable solution, but neither is pointing to the old way of doing things.

IIGM's project advisory and consultancy department brings you its services after gathering mass data and analyzing hundreds of garment factories, helping you improve your production through vigorous continuous monitoring, studying and training of your garment / apparel production facility.

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