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HNX-560/HNX-665, HNX-560DS/HNX-665DS

X-ray inspection machine / HNX Series


  • Double directions shooting will be helped to find out small foreign objects with different angles photos.
  • Full-automatic operating environment - Automatic start up and shut down with any complicated operation.
  • High-precision sensor - With high-precision X-ray  linear sensor, image of small size foreign object can be taken.
  • Dual monitors - 2 monitors are included as standard. During the inspection, up to 6 images can be displayed at a time.
  • Full colour display - full colour inspection screens make the detection of foreign objects easier.
  • Photographing speed can be adjusted for each products.
  • Energy-saving function - Depending on the operational aspect, automatically control and reduce power consumption.

Technical Specifications

Model HNX-560 HNX-665 HNX-560DS HNX-665DS
Capture method Single Direction Double Direction
Belt width (mm) 660
Minimum effective width
518 612 518 612
Aperture size (mm) 665 X 300 (W)
Line Sensor High Resolution straight type line sensor
X-ray tube voltage 30 ~ 80 kV
X-ray tube Current 0 ~ 3 mA
LCD size 23 inch monitor (dual monitors)
Memory 8GB
Dimensions 2,130 X 990 X 1,475 (H)
Power Consumption 0.8kVA 0.9kVA
Machine weight 620kgs 620 kgs 650kgs 650kgs

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- Maung Maung Oo, Director
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