Kornit, Israel

Kornit Digital develops, manufactures and markets industrial and commercial Printing solutions for the garment, apparel and textile industries. Leading the digital textile printing industry with our revolutionary NeoPigment TM process including an integrated pre treatment solution, Kornit Digital caters directly to the needs of both designers and manufacturers.

Storm II

Storm II is the ideal digital direct to garment printer that answers the needs of high-volume production printing ...

Application: Digital Garment Printer


The Kornit Avalanche is the answer to your digital mass-production requirements. This industrial printing machine is designe...

Application: Industrial Printing

Avalanche DC Pro

The Kornit Avalanche DC Pro is the version of the Kornit Avalanche that answers the call of the fashion market. With its add...

Application: Digital discharge Printing


The Kornit Breeze is compact, robust and engineered to combine high-end technology and performance. Engineered specifically ...

Application: Digital T-Shirt Printing

Avalanche Hexa

The Kornit Avalanche Hexa was specifically developed to meet the color and quality demands of the fashion and sports apparel...

Application: Digital Garment Printer

Avalanche 1000

Kornit Avalanche 1000 is optimized for your digital mass-production printing needs. Easily surpasses the high-quality, high-...

Application: Industrial T-Shirt Printer


With the Kornit Allegro, we bring all the benefits of textile pigment printing to the digital world by combining Kornit Digi...

Application: Textile Printing

Paradigm II

Add-on solution specifically engineered to give screen printers the ability to print digitally on textile. Expand your tradi...

Application: Digital Screen printing Machine
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